Here are some links to sites that we enjoy and refer back to to increase our knowledge.  Check them out and if you have any others that we should include than please do let us know.


The Watch Forum

A friendly UK based but international forum, that we sponsor the vintage watch section.  Members enjoy Timex to Rolex, Ingersoll to IWC and everything in between.


A (very) high end watch website.  Beautiful photography and very rare watches, but with prices accordingly stratospheric.

A Blog to Watch

One of the largest watch websites on the net, mainly focused on new watches.

Watch Judge

Finding the best watch deals.

Electric watches

No one in the World knows more about this interesting niche than Paul.

Worn and wound

A nice site with reviews of modern watches, but they love vintage too.


A great place to research logos and trademarks (site in German)


A knowledgeable collector shares his love of obtainable watches.

Ranfft watch database

A large database of watch movements, mainly mechanical and before 1980.

USSR time and Watches of the USSR

First stops to find out more about Soviet era watches.

Watch battery cross reference

Okay, we don’t “enjoy” this site but it is very practical!

Omega vintage database

Surprisingly not complete or in some cases accurate, but it can be useful.